I’m Awkward

Are you wondering why I’m kissing a jar of pickles? Because I fucking love pickles. Am I pregnant? No but I have major baby fever right now.
When it comes to life, I’m an extremely awkward person. Not like the cute, graceful awkward girls you see in the movies, but the painful-to-watch, clumsy awkward. Like I’m a cow with clown feet or something. Have I mentioned yet that I love cows? I fucking love cows. And pickles. And country music. I could go on forever.
I’m also very random.
Anyhoodles, I hope there are others as weird and embarrassing as I am. Actually I kind of hope not–then I’d be one of a kind.  (Insert princess emoji)
I don’t know how to end this post; I’m just going to stop typing.
(Uncomfortable, right?)